You Will Be Great

You don’t want to downsize your value

But you still keep finding fault in you

As you make mistakes, your sweat would trickle

Ashamed as you hear them all giggle

You don’t want your fear to permeate

the air, so you tell them: “I feel great!”

Hide it! They might flag you as useless

You don’t want them to see you’re a mess

But you’re tired; you don’t want to pretend

If so, what do you think you should end?

Here’s a tip: don’t cause stress for yourself

Relax; grab a book from the bookshelf

Avail yourself of some self-help books

Don’t mind your lack of skills or your looks

These you can improve; it’s not too late

You can be better; you will be great

Word of the Day Challenge: trickle

Ragtag Daily Prompt: downsize

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: permeate

Three Things Challenge: fault, cause, flag

Your Daily Word Prompt: avail

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