In the midst of a quiet morning

While all the people in their beds were snoring

A pest, an insect of some type

Went looking for breakfast; ripe

fruits, scrunchy leaves of a tree

— whatever it may be

“I’ll ransack the garden”, he said

And so to the garden, he went ahead

There, he saw the loveliest bloom

Like a bride waiting for her groom

She was a beautiful color, a blossoming pink

And it made him think,

“All the colors in the world have been washed out,

and she’s the only tint of beauty left; no doubt!”

The pest crawled up to her with haste

And her stem, he warmly embraced

“How lovely and charming, but my brothers will be here any minute!

They will soon rise and munch on you as they see fit,

but I promise you, I will never forsake

you, or my heart will ache”.

The flower replied, “Poor pest, I need no saving!

I was given pesticide. Now, you’re dying.”

The pest suddenly fell,

and his eyes well

up as he thinks of his brothers looking

for breakfast in the morning.

Three Things Challenge: pest, quiet, rise

Your Daily Word Prompt: ransack

Word of the Day Challenge: haste, blossoming

Ragtag Daily Prompt: breakfast

Ragtag Daily Prompt: washed out

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