You Will Be Great

You don’t want to downsize your value

But you still keep finding fault in you

As you make mistakes, your sweat would trickle

Ashamed as you hear them all giggle

You don’t want your fear to permeate

the air, so you tell them: “I feel great!”

Hide it! They might flag you as useless

You don’t want them to see you’re a mess

But you’re tired; you don’t want to pretend

If so, what do you think you should end?

Here’s a tip: don’t cause stress for yourself

Relax; grab a book from the bookshelf

Avail yourself of some self-help books

Don’t mind your lack of skills or your looks

These you can improve; it’s not too late

You can be better; you will be great

Word of the Day Challenge: trickle

Ragtag Daily Prompt: downsize

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: permeate

Three Things Challenge: fault, cause, flag

Your Daily Word Prompt: avail

Ignoring Shyness

There are times when I wished

My mouth did not stay silent

All the opportunities I missed

To say the words I really meant

My thoughts; cleave and divided

Should I stay quiet or say it out loud?

Kill my opinions and leave it dead?

Or say what’s on my mind — am I allowed?

Opening my mouth seemed hard at the moment

Like completely being submerged under the water

It’s as if I am facing a mighty opponent

A Spartan warrior ready to slaughter

When really, I just need to train myself more

To communicate effectively, and my shyness, I shall ignore

Ragtag Daily Prompt: opening

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: spartan

Three Things Challenge: silent, train, under

Your Daily Word Prompt: cleave

Poor Pest

In the midst of a quiet morning

While all the people in their beds were snoring

A pest, an insect of some type

Went looking for breakfast; ripe

fruits, scrunchy leaves of a tree

— whatever it may be

“I’ll ransack the garden”, he said

And so to the garden, he went ahead

There, he saw the loveliest bloom

Like a bride waiting for her groom

She was a beautiful color, a blossoming pink

And it made him think,

“All the colors in the world have been washed out,

and she’s the only tint of beauty left; no doubt!”

The pest crawled up to her with haste

And her stem, he warmly embraced

“How lovely and charming, but my brothers will be here any minute!

They will soon rise and munch on you as they see fit,

but I promise you, I will never forsake

you, or my heart will ache”.

The flower replied, “Poor pest, I need no saving!

I was given pesticide. Now, you’re dying.”

The pest suddenly fell,

and his eyes well

up as he thinks of his brothers looking

for breakfast in the morning.

Three Things Challenge: pest, quiet, rise

Your Daily Word Prompt: ransack

Word of the Day Challenge: haste, blossoming

Ragtag Daily Prompt: breakfast

Ragtag Daily Prompt: washed out

A Delegate Of The Lord

A delegate of the Lord

Held the Bible like a sword

Went to the park,

to the outlet stores,

to the parlor —

Wherever I went, I preached

Speaking to the lost, the Word reached

them. Like a magpie, I chit and chattered

And when they heard, they all scattered

But I can never be capricious

Even if they saw me as suspicious

For I am a delegate of the Lord

Called to spread His Word

On October 25, 2020, I was baptized as a disciple of Christ, and has been sharing my faith to suspecting strangers ever since.

Three Things Challenge: magpie, neat, outlet

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: capricious

Your Daily Word Prompt: delegate

Blogging for the very first time

I feel like I’ve never really known how to write. It’s been such a long time since I’ve been here. When did all these stories and poems start?

Inspiration keeps kicking in, and I wanted to write again. How did it feel writing prose and poetry? I don’t know. But I’m about to find out. Again.

Is anyone still writing? Or have you given up just like me? If it’s the latter, let’s go back to writing – together.

Isn’t writing used for spreading love, dreams, awareness? Let it not be used for hatred, slander, or scurrilous remarks.

I would’ve used it for something creative; probably sharing lucid dreams, unpopular opinions, and anything that dwells deep in the heart and mind. Write something that spreads joy, and not to kill joy. When life gives you lemons, turn that sourness into something creative that inspires people. Make sure you don’t harbor bitterness.

Is it not better to treat the reader’s heart with utmost care? And when you guard other’s heart, you guard yours in the process.

I just want to write again. And I shall.

Word of the Day Challenge: scurrilous

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: lucid

Three Things Challenge: joy, kill, lemons

Your Daily Word Prompt: utmost

A New Chance In Blogging

Hi! This is Millie! I had problems about my WordPress account because I cannot access my previous gmail account. Therefore, I can’t request for a new password. Luckily, there’s the WordPress’s Happiness Engineers to help me! I’m truly grateful!

I know I’ve been inactive for months now. Ever since I transferred to my new company, everything just for hectic! But now, I want to go back to blogging. I’m thirsty for more creativity!

So now, this new editor version is so alien to me. I prefer the classic one but this seems the default, so, owkay ( ‘-‘)

And I’m planning to schedule some new bloggin’ lovin’ routine! Maybe something like this:

  • Sunday – share weekly what you’re thankful for/what you want to improve
  • Saturday – create a story out of word challenges (gosh, I miss these!)
  • Monday – create a poem out of word challenges
  • Wednesday – upload a random photo

Aaaand that’s all for now, because I think I’ll be overwhelmed if I post everyday. I’m also thinking of doing the blogging course of WordPress coz I never had and that feels like I’m a newbie at blogging again (technically I am coz I have stopped writing stuff for a long time)

So there you go! Hope you guys are all having a wonderful day!

New Family: Milo

One day, I somehow persuaded my boyfriend to buy me a hamster. Although he didn’t like the idea of having a small pet he can’t hug with his both full arms, he still decided to accompany me to the pet shop to buy one.

That day, I was determined to buy a hamster but I went home with a three-month-old puppy. Milo; a healthy, dark-browned baby with a black tail. He didn’t whine during the entire ride.

I don’t know why I bought him even though I knew to myself that cats are what I love more. I’m a cat person but I bought a dog instead! Was it because he’s so irresistably cute? Was it because he looked lonely in his cage, I felt like I needed to get him out of there?

This is my first time having a dog of my own and like a new paranoid mom, I tend to overthink about a lot of bad things that might happen. I see puppies as delicate creatures that need 100% supervision and it’s gonna be hard taking care of them.

I’m not so sure why I chose Milo but he is sure to be treasured by both of his pet parents forever.

Trust His Honesty


his silly laughs

in those photographs

make other women

fall in love; smitten


you warned yourself to be careful

about his personality so guileful

he might lie to you in broad daylight

may flames of anger within you ignite


still you believe all his words are true

and trust his honesty towards you

when nothing works and everything around you fails

when you’re inside the train but it jumped the rails

you believe wholeheartedly he’ll come and save you

you’re a precious one! one of the very few


’tis true he left all his other lovers

because a person changes once he discovers

the love of his life; his sweetheart

and he won’t let anything separate you apart



Three Things Challenge: rail, broad, honesty

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: silly

Your Daily Word Prompt: smitten

Word of the Day Challenge: careful